First Homeowner’s Stimulus Package Webinar

$25,000 grant?!?! Construction Stimulus Package? HomeBuilder?

At Your First Home Co, we’ve got you totally covered when it comes to keeping on top of all the changes to Government policy and incentives. Heaven knows you’ve got better things to worry about, like, what colour will you paint the door of your first home?

But yes, even on the Sunshine Coast, yes, even as a first home buyer, the Government’s “HomeBuilder” grant is open to you! If you are a first home buyer on the Sunshine Coast, we can show you how to get your hands on up to $40,000 by combining the First Home Owners Grant and the with the “Home Builder Grant”.


We recently held a webinar that covered all the details that you need to know. Well, if you missed it the first time around the GOOD NEWS is, we’re making it available to everyone, cause, you know, that’s the kind of thing we do.

Find out about:

  • Your eligibility for the Construction Stimulus Package
  • How you could use the $25,000 government grant to get into your first home sooner
  • The impact of “HomeBuilder” on Sunshine Coast first home buyers.

Pop your details in and we’ll send you a link. You’ll have just about enough time to get to the fridge and grab a coldie, then sit back and get all of the good bits on how the Construction Stimulus package could work for you.

Check out the recording of the Webinar

Oh, in case we’ve never met…

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