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We make it possible


Do you think about buying your first home, but don’t know where to start? Luckily, we do.

Our team of seasoned pros know the ins and outs of buying your first home. Whether you’re still trying to get your ass into gear with your money or you’ve got a big fat deposit sitting in the bank we can help you navigate the real estate game.

Budgeting, finance, paperwork, builders, mortgages, building and pest … Your First Home Co is like your wingman for adulting.



Get in the know

There’s so much advice out there about buying your first home it can get super overwhelming.

Our team breakdown what you need to know to make great choices.


Let’s talk money

It’s not just your first home, it’s your first mortgage too, and let’s face it, banks are scary AF.

We work with trusted mortgage brokers to get you the right deal for your situation.


Location, location.

While inner-city-penthouse may not be in the ball park, being strategic with the location of your first home can help set you up for a better situation when you decide to sell and upgrade.


Yay, paperwork

We can give you a heads up and a hand with all of the things you’re going to have to sign, pay for and register.

You may be new to buying a home, but we’ve done this hundreds of times.

moving truck

Moving day!!!

Let’s face it, this is the bit you really care about, the day you get to move into your home.

Our goal is to make getting to this day better than the best avocado on toast you could imagine.

I can help because I’ve been where you are.

Hi, I’m Troy. I’m a husband, a dad, a mad keen footy fan and most importantly, a home owner.

I’ve been in the property game for over 6 years and the best part of my job is definitely helping first home buyers.

I remember exactly how daunting it was and how hard it was to find the answers and guidance I needed. Which is exactly why Your First Home Co exists! To help you nail your first home purchase.

Let me, my team and my army of trusted industry experts, help you make your dreams reality (or should we say … realty … ba-dum-tss).

Find out how Your First Home Co. can help you get into a place you can call your own.


Troy From Your First Home Co